Choose your stage:

At P.S Theatre you can choose the stage that best suits you, this may change during your time at P.S Theatre and that is absolutely fine! 

Stage 1:

Available for ages     4-16


 *1 hour a week of your chosen class. 

* Skills, technique, confidence building, drama games.

*Entry to the Watford Fringe Festival.

*Christmas/Easter/ Summer Showcases.

* Dance and Singing Workshops.

 Stage 2:

Available for ages


 * 1 1/2 hours a week of your chosen class. 


* Includes all of Stage 1.

*Christmas/Summer Performances.

*Entry to the Watford Festival of Speech and Drama.

*LAMDA training and exam preparation.

Stage 3:

Available for ages 11-18.


*3 hours a week at 2 of your chosen classes.


*Includes all of Stage 1 and 2.

*Two productions a year.


*Audition prep.


*The opportunity to be represented by a leading agency for roles in

film, TV, commercials, theatre, radio and voice-overs.


*Workshops masterclasses.  


£110 per term

£160 per term

£300 per term

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