About P.S Theatre:

P.S Theatre's journey started just over four years ago. My vision was to create a space for children, teenagers and young adults to be creative and feel supported whilst they create their own original work. I wanted to specialise in contemporary theatre, I wanted to focus on writing original productions and I wanted to encourage the individual to find who they are as an artist. Being part of a theatre company isn't just about the performances, it's making new friends, it's being part of new and exciting opportunities and it's creating memories that last a life time. 

During the past four years, I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with the most fabulous children. I realised very early on the significance of theatre for all; whether it is to help with a child's confidence, support a wonderful hobby or to be the support system for a performers future. P.S Theatre is happy to say that it has a stage for all.


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